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Guest blog | Schoolteam De Kleine Wereld

How wonderful that we were the first to test Cleverclixx with our school. Beautiful coloured magnet tiles in all shapes arrive by mail. Not only is the teacher enthusiastic but also the children! Children learn and develop every day. We therefore also focus on playing and learning at school. How great would it be if toys can contribute extra to this? With this educational toy, children can practise their motor skills while playing, but a lot of thinking is also involved cognitively. Children let their imaginations be stimulated, create insight, learn to build beautiful constructions together, and inspire each other.


Sturdy Cleverclixx

The Cleverclixx tiles are firm to use. Even when they fall, which can happen in a preschool class, these tiles seem very sturdy. For the time being, they also seem very scratch resistant. Of course, we have only been using them for a short time. We will discover later if they remain that way. The magnets are sturdy, but they are handy to click together and separate. Ideal for open-ended games but also targeted games.


These construction toys offer a huge number of possibilities

The toddlers immediately went on a discovery full of enthusiasm. Beautiful building constructions appeared by clicking the different Cleverclixx together. These construction toys offer a huge number of possibilities. This way you can start building and clicking on a flat surface, but you can also create beautiful three-dimensional constructions. The toddlers have hours of fun.

Full of impatience, they wait in turn to get started. Never mind; how beautiful it is to see them collaborate. Some toddlers still like to play by themselves, especially the youngest, but even then beautiful constructions appear. Some toddlers sort specific colours, others just get started with all kinds of colours mixed together. As a teacher, it is so enjoyable to see children of preschool age thinking out loud whilst building a magnificent structure. Consulting each other and discussing what their construction should look like.


How to integrate coloured tiles into my lessons?

I too, as a teacher, immediately started brainstorming. How can I integrate these beautiful coloured magnet tiles into my lessons? For example, I made nice dressing dolls on which they had to position the right magnetic tile and also shape in the right place. But also a nice spring scene and attractive images with subjects they can build. I made several coloured garages for the cars with the route they had to follow.

There are different types of tiles in different forms. Some tiles are like windows, others have beautiful coloured dense surfaces. These tiles are also suitable for drawing on with chalk pins. For example, you could draw numbers or letters on it.

The various beautiful colours are ideal for these tiles. For example, toddlers can sort pompons with tweezers or park cars in the right garage. But also collect objects in the classroom and put them in the right coloured box. The Cleverclixx set that we received has beautiful pastel colours. The primary colours are therefore not specifically discussed here. For example, I am thinking of the colour red, which is not part of the set. But secretly I am a fan of these beautiful colours.

I am already looking forward to seeing the sun come out and looking at the beautiful reflection shining in our class. Or even enjoying playing outside with these lovely coloured tiles. They can also shine beautifully on a window and create a beautiful window curtain.

There are many opportunities to integrate them in the classroom, but also at home, of course. Counting, recognising colours, discovering shapes, developing spatial insight, and perhaps the nicest open-ended game, by which I mean free play.

It is also satisfying to combine toys with other ones. For example, the toddlers can build a stable for the animals on the farm. And as we mentioned earlier, parking cars in the right garage... This toy is really multifunctional.


The magnetic tiles are suitable for all kind of ages

The great thing about these magnetic tiles is that they are suitable for all kinds of ages. The youngest toddlers practise their motor skills while clicking together and taking apart, but their imagination is also stimulated. The older toddlers can discover, build, and create spatial insight, but also learn to work very mathematically. It reminds me of STEM toys. The children make discoveries, learn to build, but science, technology, and mathematics are also discussed here.

We have to explore further the marble track that was delivered at the same time. Assembling is a bit more difficult for children, but then again, seeing the balls roll gives hours of fun. Although I would rather use this with the older toddlers.

It has been wonderful to discover even more about this beautiful Cleverclixx and to be able to integrate it into my lessons. That is why I want to thank you enormously on behalf of myself and the entire school for this great cooperation.


An extra tip for Cleverclixx

Maybe a useful tip for you. Constructions that the toddlers can build according to a step-by-step plan or an image, both on a flat area and three dimensionally. Any fun lesson ideas such as making a game board from Cleverclixx, with assignments, providing sorting boxes to sort objects in the same colour, integrating numbers and letters. This way Cleverclixx can be even more integrated into the classroom and applied to the various learning domains. (lesson sheets with fun assignments)

Written by teacher Mandy



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