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Guest blog | Cleverclixx in the class of teacher Esther

I tested Cleverclixx in class. And WOW - the kids loved it! Both toddlers and pre-schoolers. They found it fascinating to discover magnetism, and loved the beautiful colours of the...

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Social responsibility

At Cleverclixx, children are number one. Our magnetic construction sets are not only fun but stimulate creativity and thinking whilst fitting in perfectly with our vision of ‘lifelong learning’. We...

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Support and stimulate motor skills with Cleverclixx

Toys are one of the best ways to develop your child’s motor skills. Toys give children the opportunity to discover, experiment, play, and learn in a safe environment. It is...

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Get to know Cleverclixx

Cleverclixx is a European brand that has existed since 2023. At Cleverclixx we care about people and we bring families together to build together and discover the magic of Cleverclixx. With this brand, we want to give something back to our society and our community.

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Why Cleverclixx

The Cleverclixx magnetic tiles are sturdy, safe and contain really strong magnets. Let the sunlight shine through the tiles and enjoy the most beautiful colourful reflections that your child has created in this way. Build the best buildings in 2D or even 3D with sturdy magnetic tiles.