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Open play, Endless learning

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Support and stimulate motor skills with Cleverclixx
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Support and stimulate motor skills with Cleverclixx

nDeveloping motor skills with toys

Toys are one of the best ways to develop your child’s motor skills. Toys give children the opportunity to discover, experiment, play, and learn in a safe environment. It is a spontaneous activity that your child enjoys. Choose challenging toys that match the skill level of your child. The process of trial and error is an essential part of the development of motor skills.

Multifunctional toys are good for the development of motor skills. You use the toys in different ways and children learn playfully what they can do and what activities they can get involved in.

Why are magnetic tiles good for the development of children?

Magnetic toys have a positive influence on the development of children. An important advantage is that magnetic toys promote spatial insight. Children experiment with different shapes and sizes so that they better understand and visualise spatial relationships. You can build in 2D and 3D with magnetic tiles. Your child recognises and explores the 2D and 3D shapes and thus gets to know their different characteristics.

The children’s geometric skills will also improve enormously. Magnetic tiles come in various shapes and sizes. Your child can experiment with the tiles and in this way they can learn how to use the different tiles in combination with each other to build a house, for example. They also learn to recognise the different figures.

It also promotes the development of fine motor skills. Your children must learn to use the small muscles in their fingers and hands. Building these muscles promotes mobility and endurance. These muscles are very important for when your child learns to write later. Magnetic tiles are a very useful way of improving fine motor skills.


To make a cool structure, accurately secure the tiles and carefully place them on your artwork. If you do not do this carefully, your structure will fall to the floor. It is therefore important to place the tiles as carefully and accurately as possible on your structure. This way you develop the patience and concentration of your child.

Moreover, hand-eye coordination is also stimulated. That is the ability to pick up, grab and manipulate objects. This is developed by visual skills and cooperating muscles. When your child builds high towers with magnetic tiles, she uses hand-eye coordination.

Magnetic toys also help with problem-solving thinking. Magnetic tiles are part of the category of open-end toys and therefore have no fixed goal. You choose what you do with it. Children are stimulated in this way to think creatively and solve problems. This way your child thinks about what she wants to build. How is she going to build that? Which shapes will they use? Everything does not always run as planned. Children will also think about how they can solve the problems they encounter, and in this way you stimulate your child’s problem-solving skills.

Creativity and fantasy are also stimulated in magnetic construction. The open-end toy stimulates creativity enormously because children themselves establish how they will play with the toys. Do they like to build a large castle or do they prefer to sort the tiles by colour? Children can create their worlds and use their imagination to build new constructions.



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