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Open play, Endless learning

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Guest blog | Teacher Armani
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Guest blog | Teacher Armani

I got to try out Cleverclixx's creative world with my pre-school class. The upshot? A bunch of keen preschoolers and a teacher who can't get enough of this fun resource!

My parcel arrived on a sunny Wednesday, and I was beyond excited. I put these tiles to their first teacher's test there and then. In the bright sunlight, the beautiful pastel shades made for a fantastic play of colours. I was sold immediately, and that feeling has been with me ever since.

Enthusiastic pre-schoolers

Right from the start, my pre-schoolers were extremely enthusiastic. They instinctively made a beeline for the tiles and immediately started creating amazing constructions. Initially, these beautiful tiles, combined with enthusiastic pre-schoolers, naturally caused a bit of a kerfuffle among some of the children. Learning to share them stimulates their social development skills. Now it is great to see the pre-schoolers working together to achieve a common project or goal. When we first had them, we had made the conscious decision to let the pre-schoolers experiment freely. I was very interested to see what possibilities they would discover for themselves. Soon, their imagination ran riot, and their enthusiasm was unstoppable. Quite a few towering castles and garages were created.

The fact that the tiles are magnetic allows you to build on different surfaces, including heaters, magnetic panels, magnetic paint and steel trolleys. In addition, the tiles can also be very nicely paired with magnetic objects, such as magnetic chips or bells.  These toys combined make for a new kind of game every time. So as you can tell, the possibilities are endless! What’s more, children also learn by trial and error. When they are asked, "Why didn't that structure stay standing?" they look for solutions to tackle the issue. So we can safely conclude that thanks to this resource, their mental development is given a real boost.

Popular classroom toy

These magnetic tiles have since become the most popular classroom toy used daily by pre-schoolers. Building beautiful 2D and 3D constructions has never been so much fun. They spend hours creating their own projects. Moreover, they can also be perfectly combined with other elements, resulting in new and creative play every time, from beastly zoos to fully-fitted aeroplanes, no project is too big thanks to Cleverclixx.

If you think you can only use this resource in the construction corner, then you are very much mistaken. Besides free play in the construction corner, they also lend themselves to specific activities: sorting colours, rhyming, filling in shapes and so much more! In our classroom, Cleverclixx is also offered at the jigsaw puzzle table, loose parts, language corner and for many other activities and purposes. The open-ended nature of the tiles means they can be used in all kinds of situations. In addition, the different shapes create several options for creating with the tiles. A triangle, for example, can be turned into the roof of a house or the wings of a butterfly.

Cleverclixx for different ages

Thanks to the endless possibilities, Cleverclixx can also be used at different ages. In my case, the tiles were put through their paces by a mixed group of four- and five-year olds. As I already said, this was a perfect match. The older the children are, the more challenging the constructions become. With younger pre-schoolers, the tiles are also going to be a hit. There you can work around 2D constructions, sorting colours, matching shapes and so much more.

Not only a whole class of enthusiastic pre-schoolers loves these magnetic tiles, so does their teacher, as I get to give my creativity free rein. The wide variety and deployability of the resource means there is always something new to experience. In my opinion, Cleverclixx is a must-have in every classroom!



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